3 Reasons to Stop the Holiday “Busy-ness”

www.mommy-zen.com MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s video this week addresses the “crazy busy-ness” of the holiday season and talks about the importance of remembering to be engaged with those who love and need you.


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Affirmation – I am centered and at peace.

In this video, Marianne talks about what your “busy-ness” says about your (1) value (2) beliefs and (3) decisions.

  • Value.  If you are constantly texting and emailing while superficially engaged with your kids, you’re telling them that there are other more important things than them.  You also devalue yourself – you obviously don’t realize what value you add to the present moment, and minimize the importance of your contribution to the situation.
  • Beliefs.   Your reveal your beliefs by your actions – were you raised to belief that not being busy makes you lazy?  Society deems “busy-ness” almost worthy of worship! Remember, that you matter and that “busy-ness” often gives us a place to hide our true feelings because we think no one cares.  Being still is the only way to recharge your battery.
  • Decisions.  Make choices that work for you.  You DO matter.  If a belief is not working for you, change it.  Regain an internal locus of control instead of being controlled by everyone else’s expectations and feeling powerless.  Every decision has consequences, or no consequences, so know why you are making your decisions and be happy with them.

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