4 Things NOT to do When Getting a Divorce

www.mommy-zen.com MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s first video podcast with Alyssa Phillips, an attorney with Mark B. Williams Law Offices in Warrenton, where she specializes in family law.   Alyssa shares her thoughts on what parents need to know while going through a divorce.


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Affirmation – I am fully aware of how my actions and attitudes affect those people I love.

The 4 Things Parents Should Not Do When Getting a Divorce are:

  1. Don’t degrade your spouse in front of the children, or while the children are around.  Parents don’t see how their actions affect their children.  Degrading your spouse makes the children worry about their own “faithfulness” to the other parent. Essentially, it puts the kids in the middle.
  2. Don’t use the children to get validation of your side of the problem.  The kids should not be involved with anything going on with their parents’ relationship. Seeing that Mom and Dad can be civil is important for children.
  3. Don’t use the children as messengers.  Kids should not be the go-between for parents.  Adult conversation should be between the parents and kids should know they are loved by both parents.
  4. Don’t interfere with the other parent’s time with the children.  Don’t schedule other activities on the other parent’s time.  Again, this can make the children feel torn between their parents.

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