The Detrimental Effects of Stress Toxification on Your Child (and how you can help)

sick kidWhat if your child’s brain cells were being eaten away? What if you notice that he’s been having trouble learning new things or having difficulty with his memory? Has he started talking excessively, or is he constantly fidgety? Is he complaining of feeling like bugs are crawling all over his skin? Does he have headaches; is his heart pumping fast? Is he having stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea?
All this can be signs of stress toxification. A small amount of adrenaline and cortisol can be beneficial. Cortisol can regulate blood pressure, manage glucose levels and enhance the immune system. Adrenaline, in small, temporary doses, can increase memory and alertness as well as improve brain function. The problem comes when kids are under constant stress, experiencing too many demands and pressures with no safe place to decompress. Chronic stress causes a constant flow of what are supposed to be ‘health-aiding hormones’ to become toxic. Instead of short bursts of energy and improved memory and immune function, they can turn on your child and cause a variety of negative symptoms as mentioned above, leading to serious illness.
What can you do, as a parent? Read full article here in the Huffington Post.







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