Helping Parents Be More Mindful in Their Behavior

MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s second video podcast with Alfred James, author of the book Pocket Mindfulness, in which he educates his readers about   understanding, cultivating and manifesting mindfulness on a daily basis.  Alfred shares his message that, even as adults, we should nurture mindfulness in ourselves to reduce stress and to really notice yourself and the world around you.


In This Episode

Alfred shared his thoughts on how being mindful can help us in our everyday lives:

  • Even people who don’t think they can sit still, find that when they do, they are able to move forward with particular decisions and find that things begin to fall into place quicker for them.
  • Mindfulness gives you mental clarity – suddenly, you’ve taken control of your mind, centered your awareness and are able to see the reality of things.
  • Being mindful begins with one thing – accept that you will die one day.  Though this sounds morbid, it is liberating.  Acceptance of your place in the world, that you are a part of the beautiful cycle of life, allows you to begin to thrive and appreciate the here and now.
  • Mindfulness teaches us that everything is inter-related, that we are a part of nature.  Once you affiliate with that, you feel better about life and what lies ahead.  This acceptance allows you to stop fearing things and begin achieving those things that weren’t really happening for you before because you were stressed.

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