How to Jump-start a Grateful Heart MommyZen, Marianne Clyde discusses how making an effort to be grateful can get the “gears” in your brain thinking in a more positive way.   Concentrating on negativity never has a positive outcome.  Simply making a list every day of 10 things you are grateful for can help you get rid of any bad feelings before they become toxic.

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Affirmation – I find something to be thankful for in every situation. 

In this episode, Marianne talks about 10 ways to jump-start a grateful heart.  Some of her suggestions include:

  • Around the holiday dinner table, ask family and guests to say something they appreciate about the person sitting to the right of them.  Take turns and reverse the direction.
  • When baking muffins or biscuits, have your kids write something they are thankful for on strips of paper, and then bake those into the muffins.  Every muffin will have a surprise of thanks.
  • Ask your kids which toys they are most thankful for and then chat about those kids who don’t have anyone to buy them toys.  Buy a toy together and donate it to charity.
  • As you are walking before or after your holiday meal, comment on your gratefulness to God as you go.


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