How to Make Your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions Stick — Marianne Clyde, LMFT, discusses the obstacles people typically face in holding fast to their New Year’s resolutions. Marianne’s clients have breakthroughs in their lives when they focus on applying the first three principles of peaceful parenting, as outlined in her book, Peaceful Parenting – 10 Essential Principles. When you focus on shifting your underlying beliefs that are the source of unwanted behaviors and experiences, then you can experience a real breakthrough in your life.

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Affirmation – Every Day is a New Beginning for Me

From her book, Peaceful Parenting – 10 Essential Principles, Marianne talks about the 3 key ingredients for making New Year’s resolutions that stick, which also happen to be the first 3 principles of her book.  Making a small effort to cultivate these three principles will help you on your way to a healthy life.

  1. Connect with Your Creator.  Learn to be still and understand that He is within you.
  2. Know Your Identity.  Many of our problems stem from lies we picked up along the way.  Relax and allow those true qualities to emerge in you.
  3. Nurture Awareness.  Start becoming more aware and grateful of the blessings around you for a more positive outlook on life.

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