MommyZen Interview with Kimberly Entrican, Teaching Kids How to Engage in Conversations

MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s first video podcast with Kimberly Entrican, owner of Tagaloo in Warrenton, where they specialize in kids’ themed parties and enrichment classes.   Kids don’t always know how to engage in conversation and in this video podcast, Kimberly shares her points how parents can encourage their kids to be more comfortable engaging in conversations.


In This Episode with Kimberly Entrican

Affirmation- My presence makes others feel at ease. 

Key discussion points in the interview include:

  • Kids tend to always have their faces down in their electronics.  Teach them to be present in the conversation, and to “park their electronics.”
  • Start conversations with a leading question that shows interest– not one that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.”    For example, “What is your favorite sport?” or “How was your vacation?”
  • Teach kids the importance of eye contact.   Eye contact shows that you value the person you are speaking to and gives them your full attention.  For shy kids, look above the eyes to give the appearance that you are looking at them directly.


Listen to This Episode with Kimberly Entrican

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