MommyZen Interview with Bob Goff, Amazing Adventures with Your Kids

MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s third video podcast with Bob Goff, bestselling author and founder of Restore International, about creating lasting memories with your family by going on amazing adventures.   Through what some may call “radical adventures” with his kids, Bob has developed a great relationship with his now grown kids.  In this video podcast, Bob discusses some of his greatest adventures with his kids. 

In This Episode with Bob Goff

Affirmation – Embracing life fully allows me to say yes more often.

Key discussion points in the interview include:

  • Don’t simply tell them what they are going to do, ask your kids what they want to do.  Fuel their imagination…ask, what’s bigger than that?
  • As parents, we think that we are defined by our successes and failures, but as Jesus says, we are defined by our love.
  • It’s important to make people feel as though they are not just invited, but are welcome.


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