MommyZen Interview with Kimberly Entrican, Etiquette for the Holidays

MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s second video podcast with Kimberly Entrican, owner of Tagaloo in Warrenton, where they specialize in kids’ themed parties and enrichment classes.  Etiquette is about how to make people feel comfortable around you.  Kimberly shares her points on what parents need to know about “holiday etiquette,” specifically, eating and shopping etiquette.


In This Episode with Kimberly Entrican

Affirmation – I am alert and conscious of my impact on others.

Important holiday dinner table etiquette tips parents can teach their children include:

  • When to begin eating.  Remind children they shouldn’t just “sit down and start eating.”  Begin eating when the host/hostess starts eating.
  • Pass food to the right, and always pass the salt and pepper together.
  • Know that you should excuse yourself before leaving the table.  Don’t just get up and leave.   Simply say “Please excuse me, I will be right back.”
  • Parents, always model how you want your children to behave.

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