MommyZen Interview with Michelle Kelley, Talking about Emotional Intelligence

MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s second video podcast with Michelle Kelley, founder of Girls Stand Strong, an organization that focuses on improving the self-esteem and confidence of women and girls, covers emotional intelligence.   In this video podcast, Michelle discusses what every girl needs to know about emotional intelligence.

In This Episode with Michelle Kelley

Affirmation- I am in control of my thoughts, words, and actions. 

Key discussion points in the interview include:

  • It’s important to give girls the correct vocabulary to use, the permission to feel what they feel, and the ability and tools to communicate with others is emotional intelligence.
  • Every girl needs to know that she has permission to experience all emotions, especially the negative ones.  Negative emotions are not “bad,” they just “are.”
  • Girls tend to keep their pain inside.  They should understand that telling your story and talking about what is happening is very healing.


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