MommyZen Interview with Michelle Kelley, Founder of Girls Stand Strong

MommyZen, Marianne Clyde’s first video podcast with Michelle Kelley, founder of Girls Stand Strong, an organization that focuses on improving the self-esteem and confidence of women and girls.   In this video podcast, Michelle discusses what mothers can do about bullying.

In This Episode with Michelle Kelley

Affirmation – I am calm and centered no matter what is happening around me. 

Key discussion points in the interview include:

  • Be in touch with what your kids are doing – whether or not it involves technology.  The earlier the better so that you can intervene if there is a problem.   Waiting to monitor a child’s phone at age 16 is more difficult than if you start when they first get it.
  • If you should find out that your child is the bully, help your child develop an awareness that what they are doing is possibly hurtful to other people.
  • Live by example.  We as parents need to “own it” when we say something we are not proud of.

Listen to This Episode with Michelle Kelley

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