Don’t Focus on the “Don’ts” – Positive Response to a Child’s Negative Behavior

Do you react to negative behavior from your child with a negative response?  A negative reaction with a lot of “don’t do that” and “don’t do this” just complicates and confuses.  Discover how to detach from the emotion and create an opportunity to really effect the behavior in a positive way.  Jay Morgan, Family Therapist and author of “Fingerpainting in Psych Class” joins Marianne Clyde, LMFT, author of Peaceful Parenting:10 Essential Principles for part 4 of their 4 part MommyZen Video Podcast.

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In This Mommy Zen Video Podcast on Negative Behavior

  • When facing negative behavior from your child, don’t react with a lot of angry “don’ts”.
  • Detaching from the emotion caused by negative behavior will allow you to re-purpose your energy to a more encouraging response surrounding positive behavior.
  • Negative feedback just doesn’t work – with children or adults!  Look for positive approaches that don’t prolong the negative communications and complicate the situation.

Listen to this Video Podcast on Negative Behavior

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