One little song can change the world!

I have seen many people doing a lot of good over the years. When I speak with community leaders  from the Department of Juvenile Justice, administrators of schools systems, religious leaders and government officials, we all agree that early intervention is effective in helping our future leaders divert high risk behaviors and develop into strong, healthy citizens.

If early intervention is good, prevention is even better.  If we can build children up early, teaching them the power of creativity and mindfulness, showing them how they can impact their environment in healthy and powerful ways, we have a winning combination.

Having said that, I am very proud to be the President of the Board of Kid Pan Alley, a non profit organization that goes into schools, nursing homes, abused women’s shelters, etc. and teaches students and adults alike that they have the power to stop things like bullying, and domestic violence as well as the power to build themselves and others into the strong human beings they were created to be.

Here is a short video showing what they do and asking if you will help this holiday season. You, too, can help change the world. Watch here.

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