Peaceful Parent Award from MommyZen™

MommyZen™ will be giving a Peaceful Parent of the Year Award on December 31st!

The award winner and the person who nominates the winner will each receive a free Moments of Mindfulness CD.

How to Enter

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Think of a parent that you know personally who has been particularly mindful in 2012 — someone who you believe has been very creative, overcome great odds, done something above and beyond the norm or even been amazingly consistent and made great strides in parenting over the past year.
  2. Submit your nomination on the MommyZen™ Facebook Page, with supporting details as to why you have selected this person as a candidate for the award.
  3. I will use your comments as well as my own consideration to choose a winner.
  4. When I notify you at the end of December, please send me your mailing address as well as that of your Peaceful Parent Nominee and I will send you your prizes.

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