Yoga for kids

Kim myers empowering girls

Teaching yoga to kids, helps increase their concentration, improves self esteem and confidence and encourages them to be aware of their bodies and emotions.

Here, Kimberly Myers, Registered Yoga Teacher at the Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy, is having fun teaching some yoga basics to girls ages 9-14 at our local “Empowering Girls” event.

Teaching girls how to have fun while recognizing and releasing stress is an important part of a healthy exercise regimen and overall happy life.

Kim teaches individualized yoga instruction to parents and can help you include your children in your practice.  Call her at 540-347-3797.

Kim is the founder of Rogue Fit and says, “Your yoga can be just as deep and insightful as those yogis who are more bendy and ‘capable.’ Yoga is yoga is yoga.” Come, learn and enjoy!

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